The DIY Nightstand For Your Perfect Little Lamp

So this may seem like I’ve put the horse before the carriage but let’s do it anyway!

A few weeks ago I made a post about making your perfect little wooden lamp. So this week, I’m here to give you the recommendations for the nightstand for your perfect little lamp. Hope you enjoy and try some!

1. DIY Pallet Wood Nightstand

Make your own version of a $400 nightstand for only $40 using recycled pallets. This one is awesome and definitely worth a try. One thing is that it requires a bit more tools than a simple build but it is no wise a difficult feat to accomplish You can find substitutes to almost anything these days. So don’t be intimidated.

Check out other pallet builds you can make.

2. DIY $10 Floating Nightstand

This is really one of the simplest DIY you will see out there. It is basically two 16” pieces of 1×10, join them at a right angle and apply a finish. It is really that simple! 

Only one downside, the design would need to be altered for reinforcements if you need to place a heavy lamp on it. Other than that, have fun making this one!

3. DIY Modern Plywood Nightstand W/ Waterfall Edge

This nightstand is simply lovely. The video is a bit long but it won’t even feel that way. The presenter has very good, detailed instructions that are easy to understand and follow. This build should be a beauty in your bedroom.

4. The Rustic Side Table

If you want a sturdy and durable nightstand, this is it. This video is detailed and to-the-point. The nightstand is strong and will be able to support heavier objects. 

The only downside is that you might find the nightstand a bit hard to move around as it is bulky.

5. DIY Mid-Century Modern Bedside Table

Now if any of the preceding nightstands didn’t quite do it for you, I’m sure this one will. This ebonized oak nightstand looks like something you would pick up for hundreds of dollars in the store. But you can make this! 

The only downside is the number of machines you will need to create an exact replica of what is in the video. But once you have the tools, give it a try! 

In case you need to purchase some accessories for your nightstand:

I hope you enjoyed this week’s recommendations and will try some for your next DIY project.

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