Healthy Morning Drinks for Weight Loss

Healthy Morning Drinks for Weight Loss

Many persons out there (including myself) have the goal of losing weight. Some have been driving themselves crazy trying to find what works for them, but coming up empty handed time every time. In today’s article, we have a few videos that will show you some healthy morning drinks for weight loss.

You can have them for an amazing start to your day and to aid you on your weight loss journey. The ingredients for these drinks all have different properties that will ultimately boost your metabolism and help you to shed some pounds. They will not cause any harm to your body, unless you have specific allergies to particular ingredient(s). As such, it is very important that you pay close attention to the ingredients to ensure they’re safe for you to consume .

The best thing to do is to choose ONE of the drinks below and stick to it. Then, you can have your drink of choice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach until you have reached your desired weight goals.

Now, let us begin…

1. Cumin Water for Weight loss

This drink, if taken enough times on an empty stomach can promote weight loss. (Make sure you chew the leaves) While consuming this drink you should try to avoid excessively sugary and oily foods. Also, do not drink this if you are on blood thinning medication or if you have any kidney disease. (This also applies to all the following videos).

2. Green Morning Drink for Weight Loss

This recipe contains a green fruit, the cucumber, and a green herb, parsley, thereby giving this drink it’s beautiful green hue. It also includes ginger, another healthy food to consume. So not only will you be losing weight, you will be losing weight healthily, and this is very important.

*Let me just take a moment to point out that there is a difference between regular weight loss and healthy weight loss. To lose weight in a healthy manner, you must think “fat loss”. That way, you will not be losing your muscles along with the fat. If this occurs, you may notice your skin starts to lose it’s elasticity and you would have lost some of your strength. This is unhealthy weight loss. So we need to be careful when it comes to shedding pounds. Make sure you are doing it right.*

Here is a bit more info on healthy weight loss vs unhealthy weight loss.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Morning Drink for Weight Loss

In this video Paige Maria shows us how she lost up to 30 pounds with this apple cider vinegar recipe. Obviously this is amazing news, but we need  to keep in mind that this drink is used to AID and BOOST her weight loss regime. It was  not the sole reason for her losing all that weight. As such I highly recommend this drink along with the multitude of other sources reporting the efficacy of apple cider vinegar in aiding weight loss.

4. Chia Seeds Drink for Weight Loss

Chia seeds are high in omega fatty acids, fiber, protein, calcium, just to name a few nutrients. They are gluten free and help to curb your appetite, making you feel fuller for longer, and this is how they help in weight loss.

There you have it, everyone. Take your pick of these drinks and give your weight loss journey a boost. It is important to remember that these drinks will not work on their own. You must put in some hard work as well. Whether it is eating less unhealthy foods, or exercising, or both, these drinks should be paired with something for safe and effective weight loss.

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