Scrumptious Keto Diet Recipes

keto diet recipes

Welcome back to another blog post on healthy eating. Today’s article will show you some of the most scrumptious keto diet recipes known to man. If you know of the ketogenic diet, you will know that it works very well, especially for people who wish to lose weight, or reduce their intake of carbs. The keto diet replaces carbs with foods high in fat, and this reduction in carbs puts your body in a state of high metabolism called ketosis. After that, your body starts burning fat for energy easily. If you are a person who has always wanted to lose some weight but has not been able to find anything that works, I suggest you keep reading. The videos below will show you how, and what you need to make the amazingly healthy meals to help you to reach your goal.

What I love about the keto diet is that there is almost an unlimited amount of food that you can eat. You will hardly have cravings, and if you do there will always be a keto food to eat that can crush it. The best part is that you will absolutely love the meals, and you will always be full. One thing to remember when engaging in a keto diet is that you should eat the foods that suit you.

Are you ready? Let’s go…


1. 5 Delicious Keto Diet Recipes

This video shows up to 5 recipes that you can have during your keto diet. Now, after watching this video, you may think “WHAT?” But trust me, these recipes are legitimate. Do as much research as you can about the keto diet if you don’t believe me. The important thing to remember is that you should be consuming foods low in carbs, and high in fat. That is exactly what this video shows.


2. A Day of Keto

In this video, we are shown a full day of keto meals that you can try. You can tell that the keto diet will definitely not leave you feeling hungry. THIS IS NOT A DIET WHERE YOU STARVE. Your weight-loss comes from eating, as odd as it may sound. Go ahead and try some of the meals in this video and see if they work for you.


3. Scrumptious, Finger-licking Keto Recipes

Does anyone else have the guilty pleasure of watching delicious foods on YouTube? This video gives that pleasure, trust me. What is even better is, now you do not have to feel guilty because these mouth watering meals are actually healthy for you. Take your  pick and try them today.


4. Breakfast Recipes With Keto

Here are some breakfast recipes that you can use during your keto diet. Watching these videos may make you fall in love with the diet, simply because of the amount of delicious food that you are allowed to eat. As for the sauces that are used, you do not have to use them if you don’t want to. You can always make your own. Just ensure that it abides by the keto rules.


5. Keto Garlic Chicken With Broccoli

If you like garlic chicken, this recipe is for you. It is so creamy and delicious, AND it is healthy for you. It will fill you up and leave you feeling satiated. I highly recommend this recipe.



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Healthy Salad Recipes

healthy salad recipes

A couple of weeks ago, we published a healthy eating article on healthy salad dressingsIn today’s post, we have compiled some videos that show you how to make the salads that those dressings can be used on. These healthy salad recipes are easy to make and will not be expensive. Rather than going out to buy a salad, you can now make one in your own home. And what’s better is that it will be healthier than what you would purchase when you go out.

Here we go!

1. Keto Salad Recipe

We have spoken of the keto diet and its benefits in our previous healthy eating post. This salad is low in carbs and only requires three ingredients. The dressing in this video however,  requires a bit more ingredients, but remember that you can always make your own dressings to go with your healthy salad recipes.

2. 5 Healthy Salad Recipes

All five salads in this video are packed with protein and are guaranteed to fill  you up. If you are looking for a healthy and delicious way to crush your cravings, then these salads are sure to do the trick.

3. Healthy Avocado Tuna Salad

This recipe is perfect for Avocado lovers, like myself. Just by watching this video, you will be able to tell that this salad will taste absolutely amazing. The tuna, cucumber and different spices give it a very flavorful taste. Go ahead and try it out.

4. 3 Detox Salad Recipes

This video shows you how to make a cabbage and carrot slaw, a kale beet salad, and a carrot cinnamon salad. These recipes include ingredients that aid in digestion and give the metabolism a much needed boost so that your body can detoxify itself. These salads bring clean eating to the next level. Try them out today!

5. Cauliflower Salad with Chickpeas

This salad tastes amazing and lasts in the fridge for days. You can easily make it as the video is detailed and not hard to follow. A salad like this will certainly curb your hunger and the cravings that come along with it.

Chickpeas: Health Benefits and Nutritional Information

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Enjoy your healthy salad recipes, we will see you soon 🙂

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Healthy Cake Recipes

healthy cake recipes

If you are like me, then you absolutely love cakes. I just think that cakes make everything right in the world and are perfect for any occasion. But we know that not all cakes are healthy for us, and we always feel that tinge of guilt when we’ve had a little bit more than we ought to. That is why in today’s post, we have compiled an amazing list of Healthy Cake Recipes just for you.

After watching these recommended videos, you will never feel anything but happiness when you eat cake again.

1. Healthy Banana Cake Recipe

This is a guilt free banana bread recipe that actually tastes great. It uses less sugar, healthier fats, and whole grains. To get the vegan version of this recipe, check out the link in the description below the video on YouTube.

Here are some health benefits of Bananas

2. Healthy Oatmeal Cake Recipe

This cake has so many healthy benefits, including that it has no processed sugar, no butter, it does not have tons of fat, and it is gluten free. The video is also easy to follow, as it gives the exact measurements for the ingredients used. Enjoy your very own oatmeal cake today.

3. Keto Pound Cake Recipe

For those who don’t know, the Keto Diet is a low-carb, high fat diet that forces the body to burn fat rather than carbohydrates. This healthy cake recipe is used in the keto diet and will help your body to burn fat. How cool is that? Eating a cake to lose fat, who would have thought?

Learn more about the Keto Diet here

4. Flour-less, butter-less, milk-less, sugar-less Cake

I can tell the first thing that came to your mind was ‘Is that even a cake?’ Well I assure you that it is. This here, is the “ultimate healthy cake recipe” one could hope to make. You could essentially call this a “fruits and nuts” cake as those are the primary ingredients. The best part is that even though there is no sugar, the cake is still sweet and delicious. You may also add any fruit that you like.

5. Super Easy Orange Cake

This cake is my personal favorite. It has such a bright color from the blended oranges in the recipe, and it is so delicious and rich in flavor. Go ahead and watch the video so that you can make your own.

6. Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe

If you are a health-nut who loves carrots, then this recipe is perfect for you. It uses a lot of shredded carrots to ensure that the taste really comes out in the finished cake. Try it today.

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