DIY Saving Piggy Banks

diy savings piggy bank

We are all about making our own things, and saving money while doing so. Why not put all that money that we are saving in a safe place that we make ourselves? Welcome back to another DIY blog post. Today’s article will be on DIY Saving Piggy Banks.

We have all owned a piggy bank at one point or another in our lives. It is like a right of passage for any child to become an avid saver.  As such, why not reintroduce such an excellent practice to your young one. The videos below will show you some of the most creative ways to make saving boxes.

Let us have a look, shall we?


1. Creative DIY Saving Banks

This box is amazing because you can customize it in any way at all. The box in this tutorial will require some basic carpentry but it’s nothing you can’t do yourself. The result is a sturdy finish with an imaginative design. It can also be motivational, and can push your child or yourself to save the desired amount of money so that you can achieve your heart’s desire (maybe travel the world). This is definitely a must try DIY task.


2.    DIY Saving Box With Safety Feature

This video shows a mini safe, with a combination lock and everything. It may seem a bit complex to make but if you follow the instructions carefully then you will make it perfectly. If watching the video is not enough, you can find the written measurements for all the required pieces in the description below the video on YouTube. This project is good for persons who are in communal living conditions, such as college students. The best way to make this safe even more secure is to use wood instead of cardboard.


3. Simple DIY Saving Bank

Here we have another mini diy safe. This tutorial will teach you how to make a simple but creative box to save in. It does not require a lot of time (it takes less than a half hour to make) and you only need a few materials. You can be done in a few simple steps if you try it now. Once again, this concept can be applied with a stronger material like wood for a sturdier box.


4. Basic DIY Money Jar for Saving

This is quite possibly the simplest saving bank for your money. Literally, all you have to do it use a mason jar, or any other jar that you may have and cut a hole for inserting the money into the lid or cap of the jar. 

You can use mason jars to do a lot more things. They are very inexpensive and you can get yours here..

5. DIY Piggy Banks from Plastic Bottle

Instead of throwing away your plastic bottles, how about recycling them to make something useful? You can make these super easy piggy banks, just like the ones you buy at the store. The best part is that you will be using materials that you would otherwise throw away. Also, you can use water bottles of any size; the bigger, the better!


Thank you for stopping by for this post on DIY Saving Piggy Banks. We do hope you have enjoyed today’s recommendations and that you will try them for yourself. Leave your comments below as we are eager to hear from you. Also sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates from us. Thank you!

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