Healthy Stuffed Potato Recipes

Who doesn’t love stuffed potatoes? All the delicious goodness on the inside is the reason we can hardly have enough. If you are a fan of stuffed potatoes, today’s post is just for you. Welcome back to another blog post on healthy eating. Today we have for you, some healthy stuffed potato recipes.

These are healthier versions of traditional loaded potatoes that we normally have, without sacrificing great taste and flavor. It is better to choose these options due to the fact that they contribute to your health, in comparison to our usual recipes that do not.

Get to know your potatoes here by finding out which variety is best for mashing, roasting and baking.

Let’s get into those delicious recipes…

1. Healthy Baked Potato Recipe

The difference in the calories in this baked potato recipe compared to the regular potatoes will astound you. This recipe has approximately a third of the calories found in a regular fully loaded potato. That’s amazing, right? That should be enough reason for you to give this recipe a try. You will find that you love it.

2. Chicken Stuffed Baked Potatoes

The name alone made me drool. A delicious combination of chicken breast with onions, garlic, pepper, parsley, among others, promises to make this stuffed potato recipe, a sure crowd pleaser.  You can have this for brunch, lunch or dinner. And by all means, have it for breakfast too if you’d like, we won’t judge.

3. Veggie Stuffed Baked Potato Recipe

Don’t just skip over this recipe just because it says veggie stuffed. You can rest assured that this recipe is still delicious and will still stimulate your taste buds. My recommendation is that you season your veggies to taste so that it suits you and you can enjoy the meal like you should.

4. Healthy Loaded Sweet Potatoes

I really love this recipe. The sweet potato itself tastes great, and the stuffing makes it taste even better. The best part is that it is super healthy with nutrient-rich ingredients.

5. Vegan Stuffed Potato Recipe

From the guacamole, to the chili,  to the different spices, this vegan recipe is definitely one you should try. It also has this amazing cashew cream recipe that you can make from scratch to make a perfect addition to this recipe. Enjoy!

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