Healthy Ice Cream Recipes

Does anyone else feel this heat? I know I am not the only one. Everyday gets hotter and hotter as we draw closer to summer but not to worry, we have the perfect post for you today! To combat this heat, we’ve compiled the perfect videos for you to make your own healthy ice cream recipes.

I know, I know, that sounds absolutely ridiculous. However, you should probably just watch the videos below first and then you can decide for yourself if I am right or if I am right.  Let’s be real. Ice cream can definitely help to cool us down but we do not want to resort to unhealthy eating just because of the temperature. And why should we have to? There are ice creams that we can have without feeling guilty.

Let’s move right into the videos…


1. Easy and Healthy Ice Cream Recipe

With only four ingredients, you can enjoy a thick, creamy and deliciously flavored ice cream. The base of this recipe is frozen bananas. All you have to do is add the specific flavor that you want to the bananas (example, add vanilla beans/vanilla extract, cocoa powder, strawberries etc), along with some sweetener and milk, and you will have your healthy ice cream.


2. Healthy Keto Ice Cream

Here we have another ice cream recipe that also requires only four ingredients. The best part is you don’t need an ice cream maker, or even a blender to make this ice cream. All you need along with the ingredients, is a lidded container. Go ahead and try it for yourself. Also remember that you can flavor it however you want.


3. Dairy Free Ice Cream Recipe

The base for this recipe is coconut;  specifically coconut milk and coconut cream. This ice cream recipe is perfect for persons who are vegans, or just anyone who is not in the mood for dairy in their ice cream. It is easy to make, and as the previous recipes, you can have fun with your flavors.


4. Delicious Dairy Ice Cream

This is a fully dairy ice cream recipe but it’s very healthy, with only 209 calories and 5.3 grams of fat per serving. I recommend this recipe for a large number of people, or if you want to sell the ice cream you make. Go ahead and give it a try.


5. Cashew Base Ice Cream

A lot of homemade ice cream recipes use frozen bananas as the base. That can get pretty boring after a while. Now, you can spice things up with some cashews here, and a little dates there, just to have some more flavor in your ice cream.


6. Healthy ‘Nice’ Cream Recipe

Here is another healthy ice cream recipe that you can try. This one uses mangoes as the base and main flavor. It has many health benefits along with it’s great taste. Go ahead and try it today.


Oh and by the way… 10 Amazing Benefits of Ice Cream for Overall Health


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