Easy DIY Pillows

Welcome back to another DIY blog post. Today’s article will be all about comfort, and how you can find it with these easy DIY pillows. You will find some video tutorials below showing you how you can make so many different types of pillows, in the easiest, most creative, and of course, most affordable way.

To make the pillows below, you will need the materials that are common or essential to all the tutorials. These are the fabric of your choosing, pillow stuffing, a hot glue gun and/or a sewing machine/ needle and thread. Each tutorial will show you the specifics of making the different types of pillows. All you need to do is follow the instructions and you will have your soft, comfortable pillows in no time.

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Let’s get to those tutorials…

1. DIY Doughnut, Macaroon and Cupcake Pillows

There are three different forms of pillows that you can try to make in this tutorial. They will make a beautiful addition to your bed or your sofa or wherever you put them. Remember that these are fully customizable and so you can go ahead and use whatever fabric you want to.

2. Easy DIY Knot Pillows

To make these amazing looking pillows, you will need a cylindrical object with a hole in the center (like a paper towel roll). You will need this in order to get the stuffing easily and evenly into the fabric to form the pillow.

3. DIY Giant Floor Pillow

This tutorial uses the stuffing from an old sofa. If you do not have an old sofa, no need to worry. You can use the regular pillow stuffing that are easily accessible either at your local fabric store or online at Amazon. These are perfect for in house parties and may even substitute your beanbags.

4. Easy Oreo Pillow

So to make this Oreo Pillow, you are going to need black fabric and white fabric. Don’t be intimidated, it is not more difficult than the ones you have seen already. You are simply making three small pillows and sewing them together to make one bigger one. Enjoy!

5. DIY Travel Neck Pillow

We all know that uncomfortable feeling we get when traveling and wanting to sleep, but seemingly unable to find the right position. Everything either makes our necks hurt or our backs hurt. This is the solution. If you do not already own a travel pillow, now is your chance to make one by following this simple tutorial.

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