5 DIY Wall Corner Shelves

So we’re back to our usual wood work DIY this week. Last week we took a short detour to look at some DIY decorations for your walls. This week our focus is still on your walls but we’re looking at — Corner shelves. Yup! Corner shelves are subtle but can add a very elegant touch to your rooms. So without further ado, here are our recommendations for DIY Corner Shelves!

Photograph by Derick Mckinney.

1. Wooden Wall Corner Shelf

You don’t need an entire tool shop of power tools or mad skills in carpentry, you only need to believe you can Do It Yourself! This shelf is beautiful and sturdy. You can use it for books, flower vase or family photos. The project is basically very easy to complete and can be done using very little power tools. Some persons may not have a miter saw as seen in the video and that’s alright, a circular saw could be used; only ensure you have a straight line to guide your cut.

Items needed are:

2. Dollar Tree DIY Corner Shelf

Affordable and easy is what this project is all about. The plaques cost less than $10 on amazon and you only need glue and spray paint afterwards. It is really that easy!

Items need are:

3. DIY Floating Corner Shelves

These floating corner shelves are perfect for photos and light flower vase. In the video she uses her miter saw a lot but if don’t have one you could use a miter box with handsaw for the braces. The shelves can cut to triangles using circular saw but be sure to have that line drawn accurately. Overall, it can be done relatively cheaply so don’t be too intimidated.

Items needed are :

  • 2 pieces of 2×2 of 13″ each
  • 1 length of 1×12
  • 1 length 1×3 1/8th
  • Miter box – Shop for this item or miter saw
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain

4. Corner Shelving

This project is one of my favorites because of all the space a shelf this would provide. But the obvious question is, how do you hang them? The builder sorta left that bit of detail out but I went and did some digging and found just the thing…shelf support. He also makes his own dowels, its up to you but I would just buy some 1/2″. So yeah, that’s all you need. You can either make one out of wood- see video below- or you can follow the link and browse your options on amazon. Either way, the end product is sure to please.

Items needed are:

5. Strong Floating Shelves

So these are technically not corner shelves but his method can be applied to a corner shelf design. You could even make it smaller than his. I believe the most useful takeaway though is how to install the shelves. His method could be applied to help you install the shelves in the previous recommendation.

Items needed: Rusty Dobbs is a pretty detailed guy and has a very good description under this video on Youtube. I think you will learn quite a lot from his explanations.

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