DIY Portable Mini Fans

Welcome back to another DIY blog post. In today’s article you will find some videos that show you how to make different types of DIY Portable Mini Fans. How many times have we found ourselves in a situation where we suddenly really wished for a little hand fan because of how hot we are? This has happened to me lots and lots of times. Now instead of buying a portable fan in a store, you should try to do it yourself as a fun exercise and as a way to learn something new.

There’s no need to worry, these portable mini fans are by no means hard to make. They are surprisingly easy and don’t even take up a lot of time. All in all, with just a few materials and a little time on your hands, you can have your very own portable mini fan.

Now, let us get into the videos…

1. DIY Mini Portable Fan

With only four main materials, you can make your own mini portable fan as shown in this video. The tutorial shows one of the simplest ways that you can make a hand fan, and what’s better is that it uses something that everyone has; cardboard! This mini project will take you less than an hour so go ahead and get started right away.

2. DIY Portable Blade-less Fan

Blade-less fans are so cool, aren’t they? (Pun intended) I have always found them fascinating and I am sure many of you have too. Well, now you know how to make one and you can do it yourself. Watching this video tutorial will surely make the blade-less fan seem a bit less complicated than we all thought. Go ahead and try it today!

3. DIY Mini Hand Fans

This is a very creative way to make a hand fan. It operates by spinning and releasing, using elastic bands. Anyone can make this DIY fan and it does not require any fancy materials. You will only use things that are highly likely to already be in your home.

4. DIY Mini Air Cooler

This one is not exactly a traditional fan that we all know. However, it still keeps you cool on a very hot day. Although it is portable it is best to use at home. And just like all the other types of DIY fans above  you do not require a lot of materials. Go ahead and check out the video to see what’s up.

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