DIY Modern Wooden Lamp

This week we’re back to wood work and this is a great list, a great list indeed. We’re looking at those DIY Modern Wooden Lamps that will add a lot of character and sophistication to your home or office. One of these bad boys can cost a pretty penny in department stores, especially “Saturn Rings” design but not today! We are DIY people, so we…DIY. Anyway, let’s get into it!

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1. Super Easy DIY Wooden Desk Lamp

This is one of the easiest lamps to make due to the use of few power tools. The materials needed are cheap and the thumbnail is true to the finished product. It bears a very modern yet traditional feel and will certainly add some sophistication to your room.

2. DIY Modern Desk Lamp

This is an amazing project! A modern desk lamp that can be placed almost anywhere in the home or office. The tools needed are your regular handheld power tools and the skills needed are basic. You may use wood instead of the concrete for the base. Customize it how you like. The video is a bit long but the final product is worth it.

3. DIY Floating Concrete Lamp

Yes it floats! Kidding. It doesn’t but the design gives that impression and it’s an awesome look. This build also requires little tools. Feel free to choose the base you want, whether you are sticking with the concrete or use a solid block of wood. In case you use the concrete, you can spray paint the concrete to a color of your choosing. Anyway choice you make with this design will be a pleaser for sure.

4. DIY “Rings of Saturn” LED Pendant Light

Out of this world! This design is simply unique and will certainly not appear to be a DIY project. The only drawback is the tools needed to complete this project. Good thing Amazon’s available. The purchasing of these tools is worth every penny considering this design and so much more that can be created.

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5. Concrete and Wooden Table Lamp

This is another unique design worthy of the office or the living area. It takes some time to complete but the result is worth the wait. Minimal tools are needed for this one as well and can be completed by even beginners; you only need to follow the instructions carefully.

A Few Honorable Mentions

Before we go, I’ll leave a few honorable mentions for other DIY Modern Lamps. I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s post and you’re feeling inspired to complete at least one of these projects.

Beautiful Wooden Lamp

DIY Cloud Lamps

Not wood but I had to mention this one, its too cool to ignore.

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