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Welcome back to another DIY blog post. In today’s article you will find several videos showing you different ways in which you can create your own DIY Coffee Tables.  Coffee tables are accessories that many of us love to have in our living rooms. For one, coffee tables provide the primary space for supporting our beverages. They are often the recipients of our remotes, magazines, books and a whole host of other items. The video tutorials below will show you how you can make your own coffee tables. You can make them to suit the theme of your home or environment. And as we always say, why buy one when you can DO IT YOURSELF? 🙂

If you are one of those persons who thinks you do not really need a coffee table, here is why you do.

Now let’s get into the videos…



1. DIY Wooden Coffee Table

In this video tutorial, we are shown how to make a wooden coffee table that has storage space. It is modern and decorative, and the color aspect of it is based on your preferences, or based on what matches your living room. Take a look to see if you like it and then you can get right into making it.%MCEPASTEBIN%

2. DIY High End Coffee Table

Imagine the level of creativity it takes to make such a stunning coffee table without being a professional. As surprising as it may seem, this coffee table is actually quite easy to make. The materials are also quite simple, including balloons and paper towels, among others. The instructions in this tutorial are clear and if you follow them correctly, you will have your very own high end coffee table. And you can feel proud knowing that you made it yourself.


3. Coffee Table from Cardboard Boxes

We should know by now that a cardboard box is one of our closest friends when it comes to anything DIY. Cardboard boxes can be used to make a very wide variety of items and as shown in the video above, a coffee table is one such item. For this project you will also need a wooden framework, just to give the final product a bit more sturdiness. Remember also that customization is possible in DIY and so you can use any patterns and materials of your choice on this coffee table.


4. DIY ‘Glamour’ Coffee Table

Here is another high-end looking coffee table that you can make completely on your own. To make this coffee table you will need only 7 essential materials, including mirrors and crushes mirror glass (to bring out the ‘glamour’ aspect of the coffee table.) Go ahead and bring that POP to your home with this decorative accessory.


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