DIY Air Plant Holders

Welcome back to another DIY blog post. In today’s article we have prepared a combination of videos that will teach you several different ways of making DIY Air Plant Holders.

Air Plants are fabulous ways to decorate your home and your general surroundings. They don’t need soil for maintenance. They literally grow in air, and I think that’s pretty fascinating. There are many different varieties of air plants and there are many different ways that you can store them. But remember that in order to keep them alive, ensure you water them frequently, and also keep them out of direct sunlight.

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Now, let us explore some ideas on how to store these air plants…

1. Hoop Modern Design

This is quite possibly one of the simplest ways to store air plants. All you need are some gold hoops, wire, and a wire cutter. Bear in mind though, that gold hoops is not at all mandatory. This means that you can use whatever color hoops that you want. But you already knew this. This air plant holder is very modern and will make a beautiful decoration to wherever you put it.

2. Hanging Air Plant Holder (from straws)

This idea is very innovative. It uses drinking straws to make a geometric air plant holder. You can use either paper straws or plastic straws, it’s really up to you. The spray paint is optional, but it does give it a more professional finish. The best part is that this beautiful, innovative piece is easy to make with only a few required materials. Go ahead and check it out.

3. Easy Hanging Air Plant Holder

This tutorial uses air dry clay to create an air plant holder. That is the most important material that is required. All you have to do with this is cut out some holes for the strings and let it dry in the shape that you want it to. You should give it about a day to completely dry. Then attach the strings and pop your air plant into its new home.

4. DIY Clay Holder

This plant holder is also made of clay. The difference is that polymer clay is used. This means you do not have to wait for an entire day to pass before the clay dries. You simply pop it into the oven for a few minutes and you are basically almost finished making your project. Go ahead and try for yourself.

5. DIY Natural Holders

Here is another simple way to store your air plants. If you are not in the mood to make anything, you can simply get a piece of wood, or a rock from outside, and use a wire to attach it to the plants. That’s as simple as it gets! This gives your home a more earthy look and is perfect for indoor gardens.

Thank you for stopping by for this post on DIY Air Plant Holders. We do hope you have enjoyed today’s recommendations and that you will try them for yourself. Leave your comments below as we are eager to hear from you. Also sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates from us. Thank you!

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