Delicious Lentils Recipes

Lentils are often overlooked when we think about a healthy meal but they are packed with so many nutrients. Last time we looked at healthy breakfast options but this week we will look at some delicious lentil recipes to try. Let’s add some variety to our meals!


Lentils are edible seeds from the legumes family. They come in different sizes and colors. They are more popular in Asian and North African cuisines but the greatest production is now in Canada.

Lentils are known to be excellent food for a healthy heart, pregnancy, lowering risk of cancer and fighting fatigue. Read more on benefits of lentils.

So why not try these recipes at least once a week?

Let’s get into our recommendations!

1. Healthy & Fresh Lentil Salad Recipe

This is very easy to make and can be made once per week. Feel free to use the lentils you can find in your local grocery store. Try adding an apple to this salad; it would certainly add some flavor.

2. Lentils-Based Pasta

Lentils-based pasta done right! Try this recipe anytime. Feel free to leave out or add any other healthy option you think would enhance the flavor.

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3. Power Pasta

Think about all your favorite vegetables in one pot and you have this power pasta. You can try using the lentil based pasta instead of whole wheat pasta.

4. Lentil Soup

Who doesn’t like soup right? This tasty lentil soup recipe is warm and soothing comfort food on a cold day. Paprika gives this healthy soup a tasty Hungarian twist. You’ll simmer tomatoes, onions, garlic, and aromatic vegetables with lentils in chicken stock and a little white wine.

5. Spicy Green Lentil Curry

Think of beautiful flavors and aroma and this dish is a perfect fit! A spicy but smooth blend of lentils seasoned with your favorite vegetables and curry. This can be enjoyed with rice or even bread!

6. Lentils And Rice With Caramelized Onions

A little middle-eastern touch is added when we try this lentils and rice cooked together with spices and herbs to make a healthy dinner.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of delicious lentil recipes!

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