Beautiful and Creative DIY Vases

One of the best ways to decorate your home is through the use of beautiful and extravagant flowers. And how else to store these flowers than through the use of equally beautiful and extravagant flower vases?  Today’s article will show you how to make your very own beautiful and creative DIY Vases. (PS, How do you pronounce vases?)

These are surprisingly easy to make. The materials used to make the vases will absolutely blow your mind. One of the most common materials used in almost all the video tutorials you are about to see, is Plaster of Paris. Once you have that, you can make the best vases ever to suit your taste.


Let’s begin, shall we?


1. Beautiful DIY Vase from Cardboard

Just take a look at the gorgeous design on this vase. Now, you do not necessarily have to make your design just like this one. But it just goes to show how you can decorate your DIY Vase any way you like. The base of this is made completely from cardboard that is cut into a certain shape to make the formation of the vase. You can see it all clearly when you watch the video. Go ahead and try it for yourself.


2. Simplest DIY Vase (made from paper)

Here is the simplest vase you can ever think to make. It is literally made from sheets of paper. What I love about this is that it is so easily made, yet it is so appealing to look at. I do not recommend this for home decoration though. This is best used as centerpieces or decorations for a small event. It will always look prettier when the flowers are added to it.


3. Creative DIY Plastic Bottle Vase

When you look at the end result of this vase, you would never guess that it is made from a regular plastic drinking bottle. It really does look like something that you purchase in a store. Some of the materials that are needed to make this creative vase are glue, varnish, and any acrylic color of your choice. You will not regret making this, trust me.

Here are some beautiful acrylic paint colors that you can try.

4. Beautiful DIY Vase, Using a Balloon

The strategy in this video is amazing. It uses a blown balloon to form the shape of the vase with paper and glue. I enjoyed watching this tutorial, and I am sure I will enjoy making the vase as well. It looks like the ceramic and porcelain figurines that my grandmother loves. It would make an excellent gift. And it will look so much better when it is completed with the flowers.


5. DIY Paper Flower Vase

This tutorial is similar to the one above that uses paper to make the vase. The difference here is that hard paper is used to increase the sturdiness. You can also use this one to decorate your home since it is not disposable, unlike the previous.


6. Creative DIY Floor Vase

With a long enough piece of PVC pipe, and a whole lot of newspaper(or any paper for that matter) you can make the floor flower vase that is shown in this video. It it no more difficult than the previous tutorials; it is simply bigger than the others. The decoration rule still applies here, so you can be as creative as possible. Go ahead and try it out.



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