About Us

Hey, I am Marlon, a freelance writer, DIY enthusiast and currently, a healthy life-stylist (Yeah, I know it’s not a term, but you get my point). I try to enjoy life every day and nothing gets me more excited than to purchase some lumber and get cracking at some new, unique project for the home. I also want to have a long life so that means I’ve got to eat healthy every day, always. That being said, welcome to my blog and enjoy my recommendations!

DIY in Carpentry

Creating woodwork projects became like therapy for me at a rough point in my life. I found great peace in making project after project. Before long I was buying power tools on amazon, not really being sure why. I mean, it’s not like I had planned to make a living from carpentry. I still don’t actually. But it is very relaxing, fulfilling and exciting to see the things I have made. My process led me to visit Youtube on a daily basis to find new and innovative ideas to try in my yard and the house. So if you enjoy DIY in carpentry, this blog is for you!

I usually stumble across a video online that then inspires me to create something of my own. But what if I could get a recommended list based on specific criteria, for example, a project that a beginner can tackle and have it done on a low budget; that would be awesome! That is what I do here. I will publish my recommendations based on hours of browsing and watching videos online for specific items for the home and the yard. I hope you will enjoy my selections and attempt to make some of your own.

Eating Right

Secondly, I was recently diagnosed with high LDL cholesterol. To be honest, I was kinda surprised. However, I decided to lower my LDL cholesterol and increase my HDL cholesterol through natural means as I do not want to go on medication. Therefore, I have been scouring the web, trying to find recipes that will assist me in my goal. This blog will also post recommendations on recipes I’ve found so far that will assist you in keeping healthy; not only with cholesterol but your overall health. I hope you will enjoy the recommendations.