5 DIY chairs on a budget

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Have you ever looked at staged homes and wonder when you can get your home to look like that? I know I have. But the problem I face is the budget to accomplish this task. I like to create things on a budget that look professional. So here are our top 5 picks for DIY chairs on a budget that you can do with only few tools. From using old tires to pallets and crates, you will be sure to find something that suits your skills and budget perfectly.

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1. Sofa in 3 steps!

Ok, so this first video is in Spanish and hopefully some of my readers speak Spanish but if you don’t, just enable the caption on YouTube and you will have your English subtitles. Voilà! Anyway, language difficulties aside, this is a great build. It’s easy, doesn’t require many tools and with the finish of your choice, it could be placed inside or outside. Plus I like at the end where she shows the different finishes that can be applied. This is truly a diy chair on a budget!

Items Needed

2. DIY Modern Outdoor Chair

So Glen has been an inspiration to me ever since I first laid eyes on his coffee table. I have watched most of the videos and trust me, this guy create really cool diy furniture. Here is a personal favorite of mine and I hope it is something you will find worth trying for an back porch or deck.

Items Needed? Glen normally gives a detailed list of the items he uses in his video descriptions. I recommend you take a look at his list.

3. DIY – modern outdoor chair

How has this project been so hidden on YoutTube? I think it’s an awesome looking chair, kinda too straight at the back for me but I’m sure there are plenty of folks who would love this. It is easy, requires little skill and not a lot tools. I think this one has great potential.

Items Needed

4. DIY Outdoor Couch Built From 2x4s

This build is a another hidden gem in my opinion. The couch has an exquisite look and requires little skill to create. In addition, you don’t even have to make it that long. It is a perfect fit for the deck.

Items Needed? The link to the original plan is found in Megan’s video description. You can have a look there but I will also go ahead and list the items based on her video.

5. 10 DIY Furniture Ideas For Absolute Beginners

DIY chairs (and stools) on a budget indeed. This last video contains alot of builds. I usually don’t go for these types of videos because there is no narration from the builder, however, these projects are so simple that you don’t need a narrator to help you figure out how to create any one of these items for your home.

Items Needed? Well this depends on which item you plan to make. From a tire to a crate, its based on what the design you want to attempt.

So this concludes the first post from my blog. I hope you enjoyed our recommendations and I hope you will have fun doing DIY!

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