Healthy Seafood Recipes

healthy seafood recipe

Calling all the lovers of seafood! Welcome to another blog post on healthy eating. This one is all about the seafood lovers. In today’s article, we have taken the liberty to find some of the most delicious and healthy seafood recipes that one can have and compile them right here for you.

Some of us may know about the longstanding debate; ‘Is seafood healthier than meat?’ Well we are here to tell you that even if the answer to that is no, you no longer have to worry or deprive yourself of this delicious goodness. These recipes were created to put your health first and fill you all the way up. You will definitely be left satisfied after eating any of these delicious meals.

Before we jump into it, here is a seafood nutrition overview for you yo see all the benefits that seafood has on your body.

Now, let us begin…


1. Healthy Seafood Salad

This seafood salad recipe helps you to get different types of seafood into one meal without going overboard. You should note that it is not necessary to abide strictly to the types of seafood used in the video. You can always substitute for something else that you prefer in a salad.


2. Grilled Fish With Avocado Relish

I absolutely adore this recipe right here. I am a big fan of avocado and seafood so this meal is pure bliss. It is delicious, heart healthy and the avocado adds an amazing taste. However, feel free to make your own relish if you do not particularly like avocado.


3. Baked Lobster Recipe

Baking lobster is surprisingly easy to do. This video shows you exactly how to do it. You can use your own blend of seasonings to get the taste just how you like it. Have it with some rice or tossed vegetables, or with anything you wish.


4. Healthy Tuna Salad Recipes for Weight Loss

If you like canned seafood such as tuna, then these salad recipes are for you! Here we have 4 delicious ways in which you can incorporate tuna into your diet. These salads aid in weight loss as they are so high in protein and leave you fuller, longer.


5. Delicious and Healthy Shrimp Recipe

Cooked with a whole lot of vegetables and a few strong and delicious spices, this recipe has the perfect smoked flavor that you are bound to enjoy. It takes about 25 minutes to prepare but it will be worth the time spent, trust me.


6. Healthy Fish Soup Recipe

Packed with protein and many other essential nutrients, this soup recipe has everything that’s good for you. We all know about the benefits of chicken soup especially when you’re feeling under the weather. This fish soup recipe has the same benefits with a great taste. Give it a try today.


Thank you for stopping by for this post on healthy seafood recipes. We do hope you have enjoyed today’s recommendations and that you will try them for yourself. Leave your comments below as we are eager to hear from you. Also sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates from us.

Thank you! 🙂


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Creative Ways To Reuse Old Jeans

old jeans

Welcome back to another DIY blog post. In today’s article we have compiled some videos for you that show some creative ways to reuse old jeans.

Many persons tend to just dispose of their jeans when they become too tight fitted, ragged or stained. What they don’t know is that your old jeans can be used to creative a multitude of items that can make your everyday life much easier.

Reusing old jeans can also help you to save a lot of money as you can make some items pretty easily, that you would otherwise have to buy. But as we have been preaching on this website since our beginning, why spend money when you can Do It Yourself?

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Creative Zipper Pouch from Reused Jeans

When you watch this video, it will reinforce the fact that upcycling is an excellent idea and I am a major fan of it. Those mini pouches that virtually everyone owns to store personal items can be made out of jeans that you no longer wear. It takes little to no time and is super durable. Watch the video to learn how to make your own.

2. Multipurpose Organizer from Old Jeans

This is a great way to organize the clutter that is around your house. All those miscellaneous items that do not belong anywhere in particular can finally have a home. You can use this creative organizer for basically anything that you see fit. You can also use different fabrics to decorate it.

3. Make a Bag Out of Reused Old Jeans

Shopping bags, handbags, you name it. You can use this video tutorial to guide you in making your own chic looking bag. It is so easy to make and all you will need are scissors, the material and fabric glue or a sewing machine. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can always substitute it with a needle and thread and sew it by hand.

4. Making a Basket from Old Jeans

If you haven’t yet made your own  basket, this is your chance to get it done. There are many different ways that you can easily make your own basket and this is one of them. Start reusing those old items and put them to good use today.

5. 21 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Jeans

I promise that if you implement a sufficient amount of these ideas, you will see impressive savings in your finances. The best part is that they do not take a lot of effort and they are all simple to make. Go ahead and watch this tutorial and pick something to make today.

And there you have it. You’ve just seen several ways to put those old jeans of yours back to use. We do hope you enjoyed today’s recommendations. Leave your comments below and remember to sign up for our newsletter.

See you soon! 🙂

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Healthy Dinner Recipes Under 500 Calories

healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories

Welcome to another blog post on healthy eating! In today’s article we have some videos for you on healthy dinner recipes under 500 calories. Since we know that a lot of persons want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes clean/ healthy eating, we decided to compile some videos that show some of the most delicious dinner ideas that do not pack a whole lot of calories. While clean eating is always the way to go, you should not have to starve yourself to achieve your lifestyle goals. And so, we also ensured that the dinner recipes you are about to see will be enough to leave you feeling full and not unsatisfied.

Let’s get right into it..


1. Super Easy and Cheap Dinner Recipe

This video shows one of the simplest dinners you can have for  a small amount of money and with a little under 400 calories. This is a perfect go to dinner if you do not have a lot of time on your hands, and you need to do something quick. Keep this dinner idea in mind for anytime you want to use it.


2. Healthy Dinner Recipes for Vegans- Under 400 Calories

This video teaches us to make a ‘Buddha Bowl.’ Although this is a primarily vegan recipe, anyone can actually enjoy this meal. There are 4 simple ingredients, which are carrots, broccoli, lentils and chickpeas. You can use whichever seasonings you like and it will be just as great.


3. Chicken Cauliflower Fried Rice- Healthy Dinner Recipes

“This spin on a Chinese take-out favorite uses chopped or “riced” cauliflower as its base. It is a great way to get in your required daily vegetable servings and the perfect accompaniment to your favorite lean protein.” You can find the full recipe and method here.


4. Meal Prep- Under 400 Calories

This one is my favorite. From the chicken shawarma to the herby kale salad, it is full of flavor and low in calories. I will definitely be making this as soon as I am finished with this post.


5. Healthy Dinners Under 500 Calories

I absolutely love every single one of the dinner ideas in this video, and I know you will too. From the tender breasts to the succulent flank steak, every recipe is a must. Check out the list of all the recipes below. Now go ahead and find your favorite recipe today.

  • Chicken Parmesan & Veggie Skillet

  • Honey Lime Shrimp

  • Steak Fajita Rice Bowl

  • Lemon Chicken Asparagus-Stir Fry

  • Roasted Chicken & Sweet Potato

  • Shrimp & Asparagus Stir-Fry

  • Chickpea Curry


6. Lemon Dijon Chicken Skillet

last but not least is a special one. I received this recipe in my email from my Betty Crocker subscription. I had to share it with you all though, because it is absolutely delicious and you will definitely enjoy it. Check out the recipe here.


Thank you for stopping by. We do hope that you have enjoyed today’s recommendations and that you’ll check them out. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and we’ll see you soon! 🙂


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DIY Laminate Flooring Installation

diy laminate flooring

Welcome back everyone, to another DIY blog post. Today’s video recommendations will be about DIY laminate flooring installation.

This post is for all the handy people out there and for those persons who wish to save some money by doing home improvement themselves, rather than paying someone else to do it. Laminate flooring installation is surprisingly not difficult as long as you have the right tools to get it done and the following videos are designed to ensure that you do it excellently.

Here we go…


1. Flooring Installation for Beginners

This video informs you of all the essential items that you will need in order to install the flooring. It walks you through the steps that you should take, taking into consideration the different factors that will affect the flooring, such as the size and shape of the room etc. Materials that are needed for this project can be found in the description area below the video on YouTube.


2. Installing Laminate Flooring on a Concrete Floor

The room used in this video was previously carpeted so naturally we must remove the carpet first. Similar to the video above, you will need underlayment before installing the laminates. Luckily, the tutorial gives the information regarding the type of underlayment that is best for use. Go ahead and find out!


3. DIY Laminate Flooring on Wooden Floor

This video is perfect for persons who want to install laminate flooring on their wooden floors. All the techniques and materials are included in the tutorial, which is very detailed. The video also makes you want to get to work, just watch it for yourself.


4. Do’s and Don’ts of Laminate Flooring

This video is a detailed representation of what to do and what not to do when installing laminate flooring. The video is only a portion of the entire tutorial which is very lengthy. However you can watch the complete video here.

Related: Cost Effective Flooring Options


Thank you so much for stopping by for another DIY article. We hope you enjoyed our recommendations today. Remember we are always eager to hear from you, so go ahead and comment below. Also, sign up for our newsletter to be notified when we have updates.

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Healthy Salad Recipes

healthy salad recipes

A couple of weeks ago, we published a healthy eating article on healthy salad dressingsIn today’s post, we have compiled some videos that show you how to make the salads that those dressings can be used on. These healthy salad recipes are easy to make and will not be expensive. Rather than going out to buy a salad, you can now make one in your own home. And what’s better is that it will be healthier than what you would purchase when you go out.

Here we go!

1. Keto Salad Recipe

We have spoken of the keto diet and its benefits in our previous healthy eating post. This salad is low in carbs and only requires three ingredients. The dressing in this video however,  requires a bit more ingredients, but remember that you can always make your own dressings to go with your healthy salad recipes.

2. 5 Healthy Salad Recipes

All five salads in this video are packed with protein and are guaranteed to fill  you up. If you are looking for a healthy and delicious way to crush your cravings, then these salads are sure to do the trick.

3. Healthy Avocado Tuna Salad

This recipe is perfect for Avocado lovers, like myself. Just by watching this video, you will be able to tell that this salad will taste absolutely amazing. The tuna, cucumber and different spices give it a very flavorful taste. Go ahead and try it out.

4. 3 Detox Salad Recipes

This video shows you how to make a cabbage and carrot slaw, a kale beet salad, and a carrot cinnamon salad. These recipes include ingredients that aid in digestion and give the metabolism a much needed boost so that your body can detoxify itself. These salads bring clean eating to the next level. Try them out today!

5. Cauliflower Salad with Chickpeas

This salad tastes amazing and lasts in the fridge for days. You can easily make it as the video is detailed and not hard to follow. A salad like this will certainly curb your hunger and the cravings that come along with it.

Chickpeas: Health Benefits and Nutritional Information

Thank you for stopping by for another post. We hoped you enjoyed today’s recommendations. Leave your comments below and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.

Enjoy your healthy salad recipes, we will see you soon 🙂

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