Chia Seeds Recipes for Weight-loss

Welcome to another blog post on healthy eating! In today’s article, we have some videos for you on different chia seeds recipes for weight-loss.

Now, for persons who don’t know, chia seeds are the edible seeds of Salvia Hispanica, a flowering plant in the mint family native to Central America. Chia seeds are oval and gray with black and white spots. They are super healthy for you due to their high protein and fiber content.

Check out the benefits of chia seeds here.

The videos that we’ve recommended today are some chia seeds recipes that you can incorporate into your weight loss-diet to make it more effective.

Without further ado, here we go.

1. Chia Seeds Breakfast Recipes

This video shows us how to make a chocolate coconut chia pudding, and an easy overnight oatmeal recipe. They are perfect for breakfast and especially good for children who are going to school.  Spice up your breakfast a bit with these chia seed ideas.


2. Dairy Free Chia Pudding

Here, health expert Madeleine teaches us how to make a strawberry chia pudding that is dairy free. It is healthy and makes the perfect dessert. Who doesn’t love pudding for dessert, am I right? And what’s better than being guilt free when having delicious desserts? Try it today.


3. 7 Healthy Chia Seeds Recipes

This video shows up to seven ways in which you can incorporate chia seeds into your diet. I especially love the Chia Seed Detox Water. There are others such as chia seeds salads, oatmeal and roti rolls etc. The best part is that most of these recipes take little time to make.


4. Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

With only 4 ingredients, including water and the chia seeds, this jam adds up to only 10 calories per tablespoon. This is way healthier than any store bought jam and way cheaper too. The recipe is versatile as virtually any fruit can be used in place of the strawberries. So if apples are more your thing, go ahead and make that apple chi seed jam. Whichever fruit you prefer to use will be just fine.


5. Chia Seeds Drinks for Weight-loss

This video shows one of the simplest ways to ensure that chia seeds are in your diet. The video shows us some types of drinks that we can mix chia seeds with for amazing results. Go check out these chia seeds recipes for weight-loss and see which you like best.


6. Savory Pancakes with Chia Seeds

This video contains a quick and easy recipe including chia seeds. It is delicious and has a lot of flavor from the seasonings in it. Try it for yourself today.


7. Fruit and Nut Chia Salad

This recipe helps to curb your hunger and your sweet tooth with a Fruit & Nut Chia Salad. This healthy  recipe can be had as a snack and a dessert, adding a little flavor with the added benefit of nutrients!


8. 3 Ingredient Chia Seed Crackers

How awesome does it sound to make your own crackers with only three ingredients? It sounds pretty exciting to me. Go ahead an check it out so you can learn how to make your own chia seed crackers today.


These recipes are so simple and cheap to make. Plus they are not time consuming at all. This is great because that means that you are eating healthy without having to go out of your way to spend too much money or making anything super difficult.

You can buy Chia Seeds on Amazon here

You can also find chia seeds in your local Walmart or any other supermarket.

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See you guys soon! 🙂


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Easy DIY Baskets

easy diy baskets

From laundry baskets to regular storage baskets, our home spaces are so much more organized with them around.  I’m sure we’ve all experienced the dilemma when it comes to deciding where to store certain items. What about that time when the item doesn’t belong in the closet, but isn’t suitable for a drawer either? The best solution to this is always the use of baskets. In today’s post, we have recommended a compilation of videos that teach you how to make cheap and easy DIY baskets, right there in your home.

Let’s go!


1. Easy DIY Braided Basket

These basket are so easy to make. They only require scraps of old fabric and a sewing machine. This is a great way to re-purpose worn out clothing, rather than wasting them. And what’s more, it only requires two items that you more than likely already have. These are cheap and easy DIY baskets because you do not have to spend any extra money on store bought baskets.

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2. DIY Plastic Basket

This basket is similar to the one above. The difference is that this one is made of plastic. It is just as easy and more environmentally friendly, as plastic is being reused, rather than being disposed of.  Go ahead and try it out, and remember to have fun while doing it.


3. Easy DIY Foam Sheet Basket

The primary materials for this basket are cloth and foam sheet. You can find the exact measurements  in the description below the video on YouTube. The tutorial is quite easy to understand as well; you just have to watch carefully.


4. DIY Wire Mesh Basket

To make this storage basket, you may have to take a little trip to the hardware store. This project requires wire mesh/ hardware cloth, wire cutters and pliers. Now, don’t be alarmed by all these tools. These are still EASY DIY baskets and you can make them as big or as small as you want them to be.

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5. PVC Laundry Basket

In this video, you are taught how to make a laundry basket in one of the easiest, and most affordable ways.  All you need are some pieces of PVC and a pillow case. One good thing about this is that it take up very little space and has the potential of storing a sufficient amount of clothing. Sounds great, right?


6. DIY Newspaper Laundry Basket

Lastly, if you have a lot of old newspapers at home, you could definitely make this basket. It is super creative, only requires four everyday items, and you can decorate it with paint if you like. This does however, take up a little time, so it is perfect for persons who have some time on their hands and wish to put those creative bones to work. Check out this easy DIY basket and see what you think.



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Go get to work on your DIY basket & we’ll see you soon. Have fun!


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Healthy Late Night Snacks

popcorn healthy late night snack

I know what your’e thinking. “No way late night snacking can be healthy!” Well we are here to tell you just how wrong you are. In today’s posts, you will find a compilation of videos that will show you the best healthy late night snacks to eat.

This is for all those persons who struggle with nighttime cravings and the guilt that comes along with it. So here are some healthy snack ideas just for you.

1. Healthy Late Night Snacks Under 100 Calories

This video gives an impressive amount of snacking ideas for night time. The best part is that all of these snacks are below 100 calories and are delicious, and also designed to curb those cravings by filling you all the way up.

2. Late Night Snacks for Weight Loss

Snacking at night time can sometimes ruin your weight loss goals. Lucky for you, this video gives the very best snacks to ensure that that does not happen. All three of these snacks are between 100-300 calories so they will NOT sabotage your weight loss goals.

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3. Late Night Snacks For When The Cravings Hit

So we all know that when hunger strikes at night time, healthy is not the first thing on our minds. We prefer to go for anything that is easy, and let’s be honest, easy is not always the best way. Lucky for you, easy IS the best way in this video.  These are midnight snacks that you can have in very little time with minimal preparations required.

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4. Healthy Foods to Eat at Night

As you watch this video, you will be reminded that choosing healthy snacks at night is important for more than just nutrition. The type of meal or snack you choose and when you eat can affect your alertness or ability to sleep. Here are 10 more healthy late night snacks to satisfy your late night cravings.

5. Night Time Snacking to Prevent Weight Gain

Lastly, this video debunks some of the myths about late night snacking. The belief that eating late at night will cause you to gain weight on your hips and waistline, is put to bed by research done several years ago  about late night snacks that will prevent weight gain.

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We hope you enjoyed another post on Healthy Eating. Please feel free to use up our recommendations to keep yourself feeling healthier each week.

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DIY Home Cleaners

diy home cleaners

Let’s face reality. Every single one of us have to spend money on cleaning products. And these products are not particularly cheap for the common person. At least, the really good products aren’t cheap. So, in today’s post, we have compiled a list of videos that will teach you how to make your very own DIY Home Cleaners.

This will help you save money and give your home an amazing feel with the knowledge that it has been properly cleaned. You may have most of these items on hand and if not, they are inexpensive and easy to find.

Now let’s get into it!

1. DIY Home Cleaners With Essential Oils

This video showcases DIY home cleaners that include two of the most powerful essential oils for cleaning. These are lemon and melaleuca (more commonly known as tea tree oil.) Other common household items such as baking soda and regular tap water are used, among others. Go ahead as this tutorial shows you how to make windows and mirror cleaners, toilet bombs and more!

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2. DIY Rust Cleaners

Getting rid of rust off any item does not have to be a chore. Here are 8 simple ways to get rid of rust in little to no time at all.

Please note that most of the items used in this video tutorial are acidic and must be handled with care. 

Otherwise, these methods are very effective in cleaning the rust off your metals. Go ahead and try them out.

3. DIY Natural Cleaning Products

Here, there are up to 15 different cleaning products that you can make completely on your own for home cleaning. Each DIY mixture is for a specific purpose and is sure to leave your home with an amazing feel. There’s also an all purpose cleaner which can be used for pretty much anything.

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4. DIY Tile Cleaner

This video is short and to the point. It basically shows how baking soda and vinegar together work wonders on dirty tiles. This is an amazing way to clean dirt stained tiles easily. Go ahead and try it out.

5. More Homemade Cleaning Products

This video covers stone cleaning (quartz, granite, marble), electronics cleaner, linen spray etc.  They take no time to make and are super effective. Check them out for yourself.

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Well, there you have it. Ways to make your own home cleaners at little to no cost. These DIYs will help you with your savings while being very effective, and cause you to put in less work while cleaning, since the cleaners will be doing most of the work. Go make your own today 🙂

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Healthy Salad Dressings

healthy salad dressings

Welcome back to another post on healthy eating. Today’s post is for all the salad lovers out there so we’ll be looking at Healthy Salad Dressings.

We are all well aware of the fact that no salad is complete without its dressing. It is just not possible for one to consume a salad without the juicy moisture that must go with it, unless you want your salad to be bland and dry. But because we all crave dressings on our salads, we tend to overlook the huge amount of calories that are packed in said dressings. Not to worry, we have good news for you as always. These healthy salad dressings minimize the amount of calories and fats in your dressing while still maintaining a great taste.

Hard to believe, I know. But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s dive right into the videos.

1. Avocado Salad Dressings

Stupid Easy Kitchen shows you a stupid easy way to make your salad dressing. You will be a lot better off with this than store bought dressings. Persons who are not particularly fond of avocados can always remove or replace it, as it is completely optional, but the avocado makes it deliciously creamy. Go ahead and make yourself this salad dressing.

2. Low Fat Salad Dressings

Here, we have 4 very healthy salad dressings that are low in fat. These are perfect for persons who want to lose weight and  would like to enjoy delicious salads while doing it. These salad dressings give you no excuse for gaining weight or not losing it. Now, you can eat salads with a minimal amount of fat.

9 Good Reasons to Eat a Salad Everyday

3. Creamy Salad Dressing

This homemade salad dressing gives you the chance to get rid of all those refined sugars and other unhealthy ingredients in the traditional store bought dressings. It is creamy and delicious and goes well with almost anything. Have it today with your salad and see just how good it is.

4. Oil Free Salad Dressing

Here are three more salad dressings for you to choose from. These are oil free and do not contain a lot of concentrated fat. Your dressings are going to lighten up a bit with these amazing salad dressings.

5. Vegan Salad Dressing

Finally, here we have 3 salad dressings for vegans. However, you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy these dressings, since they are still delicious and creamy, and they add great taste to your salads.

We hope you enjoyed these recommendations and are ready to start making some salad dressings for you and those around you. They are healthy and delicious, so you have noting to lose.

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